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Why New Energy is Essential to the Survival of the Planet Energy Solar Shop

Clean energy is becoming a lot more popular these days. The Center for Climate and Energy Solutions reports that the demand for clean energy increased 100% between 2000 and 2018. It is likely to grow even faster in the coming years.

blueandgreentomorrow But what is clean energy and why is it so important? If you want to reduce the impact on the environment, settling for the new or also known as renewable energy is the most important thing that you can do. You must bear in mind that electricity production is the number one cause of greenhouse gas production. Therefore, more than flying or driving combined, clean energy can easily help to solve several pressing problems such as smog, harmful air, water, and toxic buildups. However, replacing the damage that has already been done to Earth will take some time. This entails strong and consistent support from the government, as well as

voluntary lifestyle changes on our own part. Now, the demand for renewable energy is higher than ever because it can easily make a difference to the environment. So, if you have been looking for some valuable information on the new energy, you’ve come to the right spot. In this feature, we will shed light on the importance of new energy and how it can create a change in society today. Reduce First The most intriguing benefit of the new energy is, it can easily reduce the impact on climate change. This means we will have a sustainable energy future. You can make a big difference by reducing energy consumption altogether. Bear in mind, whenever you turn on the laptop, put the phone on charging, or turn on the room lights, you consume energy in some form. You will be astonished to know the average consumption of a typical household in the US is around 11000 kWh per year/ unfortunately, a large part of this energy consumption is wasted. However, if you can choose to sacrifice your comfort a little and put a cut on the daily use, you can easily make a difference to society. Even small changes can create a large impact on society. For this t happen, you can rely on the following ways:

1. Use Energy Efficient Lighting With much evolution of technology and scientific research, now we have what is known as the LED lights. For your information, these lights can save up a lot of energy and put a cut on the energy bills. The LED light bulbs or the fluorescent lights have the power to uplift the vibe of your room or the workplace. The most intriguing reason to use energy-efficient lights is that they can jazz up any place. So if you haven’t incorporated them at work or in the home, now is the right time to do it. If you use the CHINT new energy in your home, it will become easier for you to get rid of the high energy costs in a few days. 2. Replace Your Filters Bear in mind, if you don’t replace the filters in the air conditioner on time, they will make the machine work twice as hard to cleanse the air. This will eventually inflate your energy costs by staggering levels. Therefore, experts recommend replacing the filters in the air conditioner on time. Secondly, if you have any reservations about the filters, it will be in your best interest to get them fixed on time. Overlooking this issue will only be more damaging for the entire piece of technology. 3. Unplug Your Phone and Chargers When Not Needed

All of us are caught up with situations when we don’t require having our devices charged but still forget to unplug them. This is very harmful to the device and the energy that is being consumed without its need. As soon as your phone gets charged, unplug it and put the charger aside. Secondly, when the device is charged, it will notify you via some kind of color. Most tech devices will blink red if the charging is low and will quickly shift to green as soon as they’re charged fully.

How much of a difference can this make? You can save up to $200 a year by unplugging devices that are not in use. This can clearly help reduce your energy consumption and help the planet too. 4. Use the Energy Saving Settings One of the most shocking things about modern devices is, they all come up with energy-saving techniques, yet not many of them know how to make the most out of such features. This is why now is the right time to understand and study these features to save energy. Bear in mind, the energy we save today is the one that we might have to use tomorrow. As the global consumption of electricity continues to increase, the global concern over energy consumption continues to remain topical. 5. Turn Down the Water Heater Setting

Even if the water heater works 24/7 in the house, it is essential to turn it off before going to bed. Sometimes, there are a few hours of the day when the water heater is not even needed. You need to keep a note of this time and turn it off before everything goes out of hand. The water heater setting is easy to adjust and it shouldn’t take you more than a few seconds to manage it. RELATED TOPICS: #CLEANENERGY #ENERGYEFFICIENCY #ENERGY #ENERGY blueandgreentomorrow


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